Open Invitation to the Movies & TV Stack Exchange Community

Movies & TV Stack Exchange

It’s come to our attention that despite many users and experts enjoying the movie identification questions on Movies & TV Stack Exchange and finding them useful, that they have been retired.

One expert suggested, that in light of this new change, that the community could at least direct users to a resource where they could ask and answer those identification questions rather than just telling people “No.” Another expert agreed:

Nice idea. The tags will vanish eventually, though. But the close-reason could link to meta. We could also add the former community promotion ads again that linked to two dedicated ID sites.

We’re actually the creators and community behind one of those original dedicated ID sites that he’s referring to. But, with many needed improvements, we’ve recently launched Filmfind to help fill the void. Considering these recent events, Filmfind is the likely now the best resource for movie identification help anywhere.

Experts of Movies & TV SE, we would love to become the official site for this purpose and take on the responsibility of helping people find their movie, if you would like to point them towards:

Thank you!

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