1930/40s movie about a girl who owns a factory or garage

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All I remember from this 1930’s/40’s Black & White movie is a scene where the girl, I think she’s a blonde, gets support by the workers of the factory or garage she owns. I’m not sure if it’s something about airplanes, but she’s facing some economic or production related problem and the workers, all male, support her and stand for her.

Here’s a quick sketch, with no details, of the only scene I remember. They are all inside a factory or garage which the girl owns (I think her father died and she took charge); she’s having some difficulties and the workingmen express their support to her. There’s a big gate behind her.

Thanks in advance

Scene of 30s/40s film

farcry Answered question Mar 3, 2022

Not “Adam a Eva”; it was an english language film. I’m not sure about Anne One Hundred as I need to see that single scene I sketched to recognize the film. Thanks again.


Thanks, it doesn’t seem it is that but I’ll check it. I’ll make a sketch later of the scene I recall.