2 men fighting car bridge

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i Hi people,

I saw a movie some years ago (2-3) can’t find it back.

It was about a dude who makes fun of another one who is hitchhiking.

Finally they end up fighting…end the fight….the dude with car wants to leave…somehow it comes back to the fight etc.

In the end they fight aroung like crazy wanting to kill each other….and (I think) they die both in the end, the car burning and falling down in the river.
The whole movie is about those 2, only a few charcters (police etc.) come in the end, it all plays on a lonely road near a bridge.

anyone can remember?

thanks !


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Sounds like Relatos salvajes
3. segment “El más fuerte”

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Had a look at the trailer, RIGHT, that’s it !! Many thanks !

I had in memory it was only about the 2 dudes, but it’s a compilation of 6 stories .

thanks a lot


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