I don’t remember a lot about the film other than there being an albino villain, a lot of torture scenes, a torture scene that takes place in a sewer or some where underground and a scene where a man gets one or more fingers bitten off by a mutant alligator man. I also remember the box art on the DVD case having some one wearing a gas mask or multiple people wearing gas masks. I rented the film from my local pawn shop about 4-5 years ago and barely watched it because I couldn’t understand what was going on. I can’t find it any where and have been searching for a while.

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can you remember anything else from the movie? even the color of the background of the dvd box?

i can tell you this will be a straight to video/dvd, or tv movie. (imdb will list as video or tv movie, not film). many boxes have the gas mask, but nothing is listing albinos and reptiles so far….