27-minute teleplay of a Go-Go dancer at home, oblivious to husband


This 27-minute B&W film is included (in its complete form) on Something Weird’s “60s Go-Go Chicks” Volume 1. It is the next-to-last clip, probably starting at about the 1-hour & 24-minute mark.
I have corresponded with Something Weird. They do not know what it is or where it came from.
The film is a 2-actor play filmed on a stage, similar to “Golden Age of Television” tele-play productions.
The wife is a gorgeous go-go dancer in a fringed costume who dances nonstop in a glass cage. She never speaks. Her husband meanwhile, rants and raves outside her cage, complaining about how their relationship has deteriorated.

Gusbomb Asked question Mar 31, 2022