70s-80s film. Old man on beach training to get fit

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So I’m mid 30s and being nostalgic during the lockdowns I tried to watch a lot of movies I watched when I was 6-15 years old which would be 90s-2000, I think the movie I can’t seem to remember would be between the 70s to 80s with a maybe in the 90s.

The only real thing I can kind of remember about it is that a kid is watching a man on the beach day by day training to get fit, he seems old, I think he may have been a recluse or similar. Runs up and down the beach and as far as I can remember he gets fitter and fitter until he can run well, I think maybe his appearance changes and he gets younger (somehow) or at least looks much more athletic. Also maybe kids start to run up and down the beach with him.

I may be misremembering but I’m sure he wears vest and shorts and the vest may be red and white either with hoops or stripes. Could be totally wrong.

It’s bugged me for 9 months and would love to be out out of misery if possible.

Could’ve been a coming of age type movie or even a horror I’m really not sure.

Have tried to speak with my sisters who would’ve watched similar to me at the time but they’re no use on this.

KlueLoss Asked question Mar 24, 2021