70’s or early 80’s film a male singer gets shot on stage at the end by a jealous husband


I saw this film in the early 90’s. The movie is about a husband who cheats on his wife with a young woman – who I think wants to be a model or actress. If I remember correctly, the wife decides to leave her husband and meets a rock / pop star. I think she was slightly older than the singer – but he didn’t care and fell head over heels in love with her. When the husband finds out about this relationships / affair, he becomes extremely jealous. Towards the end of the film, the husband “bit on the side” ends and she flies off to America to become a model or actress (you see her boarding a plane with an agent or new lover). The husband becomes uncontrollably angry because now he’s lost everything, and shoots the rock / pop star whilst he’s performing on stage. Hopefully someone will know the name of this movie.

GR007 Asked question Jan 28, 2022