80-90s kids movie about kids in USA that set on a summer vacation roadtrip on their bicycles

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A movie from my childhood which we had on VHS, in the 90s. Seems like it was a TV movie, but I wouldn’t be sure of that. It surely wasn’t popular, anyway.

It’s the story of 3 American kids (that’s the number I can remember, but they maybe 4 kids). It seems like it takes place in their summer holiday, since I can remember at least one scene where one of them complains about the heat.

They plan a summer adventure where they ride their bikes on a long trip. I can’t remember where they’re going or for what exactly.

One of the kids was a little chubby, & would always be the one that slowed them down. He loved Snicker bars. Would have one stashed everywhere & anywhere on him, his bike, & his belongings. A scene regarding that which I remember is before they start the bike trip, there’s a scene where this kid opens a drawer in his room & it’s just full of Snickers bars.

One scene I remember is that they have to cross some place where they know there’s a dog that is known to bite. They take turns crossing this place, & when it’s the fat kid’s turn, the dog comes out to chase him. I think I recall the getting a bite, but it turns out it bit the kid’s sleeping bag (or bags on the end of his bike) which looked like a pair of fat legs on the end of the bike, for some reason.

The only other scene I can remember vividly of the movie is that at some point in their bike journey, they come across some kind of construction site (or maybe it wasn’t a construction site), it’s just a place filled with sand dunes like some sort of maze, & for some reason there’s this teen on a dirt bike that chases the boys with a paintball gun (a pistol), & keeps shouting to them “I’m gon gitch you!” in a southern accent. They called him snake, or snake something, Incan’t really remember. He does catch up to at least the fat kid & shoots him, & the fat kid thinks he’s dead at first, but then understands it’s just a paint gun.

That’s all I can remember for now.

– 80-90’s film,
– not well known,
– takes place in the USA, somewhere in the country side,
– about 3 kids,
– one of them a little fat & loves snickers,
– they decide to take a road trip on their bicycles for their holiday (maybe summer holiday),
– they encounter a kid on a dirt bike that chases them with a gun & turns out he shoots them with a paint gun that just looks like a real pistol.

Thanks in advance.

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Found it!

It’s called “Little Marines.”

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