Can anyone remember an 1980’s movie (Around 1985ish) that played mostly on cable (Showtime maybe?) that had an Australian, brunette actress with long, permed hair who drove a convertible Mercedes that had the steering wheel on the right side of the car? (European style) I was just a kid when this movie played over and over on cable. I don’t know the actress’s name and Google is no help. I can’t even remember the plot of the movie. I just remember the actress (whose 80’s hairstyle I copied) wore baggy boyfriend styled jeans and oversized sports jackets with big shoulder pads like all 80’s fashionistas. She was wealthy in the movie. And I want to say the convertible Mercedes was a tan or yellow/gold color. I remember she speeds off somewhere in that car towards the end of the movie. Please help! I would love to be able to find this movie and watch it again as an adult. I wish I had more info than a few flashbacks to give. Thanks everyone!

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