80’s or 90’s action movie i can’t remember

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Been trying to remember a film as well but for the life of me i can’t.

Action film, think one of the early scenes is of this bodyguard (might not have been a bodyguard) taking someone to an airport to get on a private jet as the guy boards the plane the dude gets shot from the rooftop of a building/hotel not too far away, possibly through another person or the door/cabin, bodyguard looks round and see’s where the shooter is on top of a building, starts running to it, the sniper see’s the guy and shoots at him, the guy sees the flash of the shot and moves to not get hit, does this twice i think. He also jumps on the back of a truck to get to the building the sniper/assassin is in quicker as it’s not close by.

Then pretty sure near the end or the end the guy tracks down the sniper and chases him down, sniper gets in a car and drives off down the long straight road, body guard takes out the sniper rifle, bolts it to the car roof, shoots the guy driving away who thinks he got away.

in the end the guy is looking down the sniper scope and sees the car going in and out of view because of the elevation of the road, does a little count to see when to fire and then shoots. the guy who thinks he got away looks in the rearview mirror jsut before he shot.

Pretty sure this film is pre 2000.

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It is “Sabotage” (1996) with Mark Dacascos:

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