80s or 90s kid’s movie

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I remember watching a movie when I was a kid, but the memory is quite vague. I don’t think it was a cartoon, but I feel like the character (or at least most of the characters) were muppets or puppets of sort.

There was a bad guy, or group of bad guys, that stole either the moon or the sun with a giant net and the good guys had to free the moon/sun.

I also remember the good guys, maybe the whole village or whatever it was, sang “we will rock you” before rescuing the moon/sun.

I’m pretty certain it was a movie, but I suppose it could have been a TV show. I was very young. Thank you in advance for any and all help!

Brunettewithbrush Unselected an answer Jan 18, 2022

Thank you for a fast response, however I don’t think this is the movie I was imagining. The description seems to fit, but I’m pretty sure the movie was in English and it was more about the muppet/puppet type creatures that were trying to get the moon back.