80s or 90s sci fi fantasy unhuman and humans desert setting

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I remember a movie from my childhood hood I can remember a couple scenes. One is a villian unhuman and his clan kill a little dude and he cuts off the arm and eats on it while looking off in the distance..another scene is he is trying rape a human woman and he says “finally before I kill you ” and drooling on her she hits him and knocks him off.third thing I remember is another unhuman is helping a woman he build a fire with a cigarette lighter tells her humans is how he got the lighter.its been 25+ years I maybe foggy on the memories any help would be grateful

VHS_Lives Answered question May 7, 2022

Seems like the creature thats lighting the fire when the woman ask where he got it or whatever she said and he said humans im wanting to say he was hairy maybe like bacca from star wars


It sounds like one the 80’s Italian knock-offs…

Something like this?


Stonebroke Posted new comment Apr 16, 2022

Its simular to that i dodnt remember cars or guns and there is a scene with a ciggerette lighter that a woman didnt no what it was and a main vilian was more apish star warish like


You could try looking at this list, see if anything jogs your memory.


The Hills Have Eyes? I’ve seen the remake but not the original, sounds a bit like this.

Powersjohnny Posted new comment Apr 5, 2021

Thanks mike for answering..the movie I’m thinking of has like star warish creature/actors but thanks again