9/11 movie?

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Can someone help me or tell me if they have watched this movie before so that I don’t sound crazy. It’s a movie about inside the twin tower attacks, Not like flight 93 or World Trade Center. This movie shows about people going to work inside and how it was a normal day, it also shows the part when the planes struck and I remember this one specific scene where when the towers struck in one of the towers, there were these bar workers in a restaurant and everything started shaking and they didn’t know what was happening. One of the scenes also shows people running down the stairs i think. At the end it shows the wife of an older man that was stuck in the towers that was sick and shows her dying because he wasn’t there to give her the medicine she needed and she couldn’t reach it. I remember this being my favorite movie because it really showed what happened. I’ve looked everywhere and also looking up all the movies based on 9/11 and it’s not the one I’m looking for can someone help?!

Victoria Asked question Sep 25, 2020