I am looking for the title of a film from the 90s, America, possibly made for tv (low budget & not a well known film) but I do not think so, about a female scientist with trauma or history of problems who is called in to tackle a biological hazard or chemical threat after (I think) some sample is stolen from a lab. There is a male military person and team that helps her and scenes with them in biohazard suits and I am sure there are some bombs or explosions along the way.
The two actresses that I have stuck in my mind relating to it (possibly just for visual similarity to the character) are Madchen Amick and Yancy Butler but I could not find it on their IMDB lists so feel it’s another similar actress and I am sure I can picture her but just cannot place her in anything else.
I can’t think of anything more to add, it’s vague recollections on my part and so I may have things mixed up somewhere along the line. Help appreciated though.

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