Back in 2003 I went to see the movie Shaolin Soccer with my husband. During the trailersthere was a movie that seemed like it would be good to watch. The story:

Set sometime in the 1950’s, two U.S government officials were tasked to go to this small impoverish town somewhere south or more desert like area of the US, to get residents to move so the government could build on that site. But the longer they were there, strange and unexplainable things happened. A one room small house was much bigger inside, holding elephants and such. The people also were seen with paranormal abilities, like floating objects. The movie gave off a “Big Fish” starring Ewan McGregor feel to it. Kind of like a dreamswork or PG-PG-13 family movie. Now my husband and I could have sworn it starred Tom Hanks and Ed Harris as the two government agents. But searching them both on IMDB has led to no such movies. I’ve searched for this movie off and on for nearly twenty years. I’ve even thought it could be a mini t.v. Series or something. Could this movie have even been made? Was it only a trailer with no actual movie? I’m stumped here. With this amount of detail I would have imagined I would have found it by now. I’ve got nothing.

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Do you remember some quotes from the trailer? Maybe you could check with http://www.quodb.com/search or http://www.moviequotes.com/search 🙂