a boring “horror” movie, supposedly lovecraftian….but it wasn’t really

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so i don’t remember much but i remember i watched it because it was in some “lovecraftian type movies” list.
i only remember there was this man coming back to his hometown after he left many years ago, for a funeral or something like that and he starts to uncover weird shit from his childhood that he forgot. one scene i remember is that he goes to this building like on the sea, like literally at the end of a wooden walkaway over the sea, and he remembers that rituals of some sort were made in there, the he hears someone coming and he manages to escape before getting caught.
i don’t remember the end, but it was actually a very boring movie where nothing really happens.
IT’S NOT “Sacrifice”, it’s older than that, i’d say a movie from about 2016-2017, probably and indie movie and there was NOTHING lovecraftian, if not a very mild innsmouth vibe (as in small town where strange people live)

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