A comedy film with growing strawberries – what’s the name?


Hi all!

So… I’m trying to look for a film that I’ve watched a long time ago, I’ve tried to Google it a million times but had no help.

It goes more or less like this: there are these two male friends (I think) and they’re staying at a woman’s place, and she’s very beautiful with a good-looking body. She grows at her place her own strawberries (they’re really red and big), and one of the guys starts eating a lot of them. Then, one of them asks the woman why they’re so delicious and she replies saying that she uses her own sh*t to grow them.

That’s all I can remember! It’s a comedy movie and I think that the language is English.

Thank you!

guhcc Posted new comment Mar 24, 2021

when do you guess this was made? it was a short film or a regular movie?

I don’t remember the year, but it is more than 4 for sure. It was a regular film.