A comedy from the 1990s about 2 guys


I really can’t remember much but i believe its about 2 redneck or hillbillies who are trying to find a sister (this may not be accurate), one of them is really street smart and the other is an idiot, until the end when the idiot one gets hit by lightning or or bit by and snake and is knocked out, when he wakes up he’s really smart and can do math stuff very easily. The setting at the end i think is a swamp.

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anything else you can remember? the 2 guys were the main characters? it was set in the southern u.s.? can you remember the box art?

Unfortunately that’s not the movie. I watched it last night. there was a defining moment in the movie that the dumb one was smacked or had some kinda trauma that was funny and he ended up really smart. that moment I feel is key in finding the movie.

that scene is just not coming up in my searches, even though it vaguely rings a bell for me. sometimes people don’t write the specific standout scenes into reviews making it harder to find. i will keep looking….

Thank you! I also looked allot, but jeezz I couldn’t find it!


Yes they were the main characters. I think southern US. I keep thinking like Louisiana. I unfortunately can’t remember the box art. The type of comedy reminds me of adam sandler or David spade. I’m not sure though.

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