A cop must travel with a prisoner during a snowstorm, in a special, yellow (tracked?) vehicle.

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Release date: Early 2000s.
Genre: Action, adventure.

It’s a low budget, probably made for TV movie.
The prisoner is black.
A huge snowstorm besets a city and the cop is at a police station at the time and he needs to go somewhere, that’s how the movie starts.
More people join them along the way.
The big, yellow vehicle is very key to the movie.

It’s not:
Assault on Precint 13 (2005).
Whitewash (2013).
Below Zero (2021).

farcry Posted new comment Dec 29, 2021

Are we thinking bus or taxi? The snowstorm/blizzard should help too, but I am coming up empty so far. Could the cop be black and prisoner white?

I’m still waiting for a reply from the questioner if it was a tracked vehicle.

what is odd is kind of the mixing of “16 blocks” and “Assault on Precinct 13” plot devices. Makes me think of mixed memory, or something super obscure. I am digging…..

I was told that it was probably tracked.
So I think it was neither a bus or a taxi.
And I’ve asked if the cop could have been black and the convict white.
Thanks for the digging!

I was told that it’s 90 % that the cop is white and the convict is black.