A dystopian movie about centralized education (it may be an European movie, or indie…)

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I watched the movie in a film festival in Hong Kong a few years ago. It seems a small budget (maybe indie) sci-fi movie. In a dystopian world, when children reach a certain age, they are forced to leave their home and attend schools run by the government. The government would give tests to students to select the best ones. In one of the tests, the teacher asks a student to go into a large bag, then they suddenly closed the opening of the bag, and asked the other student to beat the child in the bag to death, and say if he disobey, he would have the same fate (something like that). The movie may began with a person jumping from a tall building, it seems the suicide rate was high. (but I may have mixed it up with other movies) And I think it ends with the student escaping the facility with his friend, probably to their death. I really don’t remember.

It may be a European movie, but I forgot the language. Thank you for anyone who try to answer!

Ponyboy Asked question Nov 29, 2020