A father with a large family owns a factory, loses his wife in an accident…

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Here’s the basic synopsis: a father with a large family owns a factory, loses his wife in an accident, and rebuilds himself thanks to his grandson who encourages him to take part in a bicycle competition.

I don’t remember if it was a movie, a TV movie, or even a series in several parts.

But I liked it very much.

A old father of a large family tragically loses his wife in a car accident. He has a factory of various plastic objects in which his sons work.
One of them is rather lazy, reluctant to work as a salesman for the factory. After losing an important contract, he ends up staying with his father and makes himself useful at home.
One of the girls has an impossible character, has been divorced three times, and has many children. I remember some memorable scenes where the husband is humiliated…
The grandson encourages his widowed grandfather to train on a bicycle to compete, and during his training he meets another lonely woman with whom he hesitates to start a story. They even tried to make love together, but the man did not succeed. The woman responded with kindness and compassion.
Everyone is sorry to see the father sink a little deeper every day.
I remember the grandson severely reprimanding his grandfather when the latter decides to give up bike training. He finally resumes training and participates in the competition.
At the end of the story, the father sends a disturbing message to all his sons and daughter to come and see him, but it’s ultimately to gather them around a giant plate of spaghetti and let them know how much they love them together.

if anyone has any idea of the title of this film/telefilm/series, I’d be grateful. Thanks a lot for your help.

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was this british or american?

Sorry, I can’t remember