A film I watched in Ireland late 2003

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Hi there, I’m wondering if anyone can help me find out the title of this film I watched in 2003. Here’s what little I remember about it:
I think it had a two-word title which was quite ‘catchy’, something like Road Rage, or Fast Lane, White Line, or Stop/Start.
It may have been set in France, in fact it just might have been a French film? I say that because no-one recognises the film when I ask them about it, so it certainly wasn’t a huge UK blockbuster.
A quiet, unassuming man books into a small hotel or B&B, where he develops a friendship (possibly relationship?) with the landlady. It turns out that he’s some sort of criminal, or at least he used to be. The only scene I recall is where the landlady is saying she wishes her life could be more like his (exciting, adventurous) whereas he says he wishes his life was quiet like hers. Sorry, but I can’t recall anything else about the plot. From it’s tone, I’d say it was made in the 90’s or early 00’s.
Thanks for your replies!

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