A Group of Friends Surprise a College friend(Boy)

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in the beggining of the movie, two kids find the house and in front of the house are two gate doors.Then one of them dares one of them to knock on the house inside and to no surprise one of the kids enter and doesnt come back and the door shuts so hard that the number on the door falls (Dont remember the number tho) and then years after the number on the door gets covered up with leaves, leaving our group with no knowledge that this was the house that was haunted.So back to the group. A Group of friends surprise a returning college friend(boy) and go to an abandoned house. They dindnt believe the storys at first so they wanted surprise the friend. but as soon as they enter, the door shuts and locks behind them. As more time passes, they start to feel anxious and start arguing, Mean while one of the friends starts exploring the house, a girl i think, and she sees a mirror and it scares her, making her return to the group and explains to them of what happened. This is all i remember.

Revenant509 Asked question Aug 3, 2022