A kidnapper who die after hit by a car.

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So, I watched this movie around 2013, but I watch it on satellite tv (which I don’t remember the channel) so I didn’t know when did this movie was released. I didn’t watch it full, I only watch around 7 minute near the end. The scene shows me a woman locked in a room by her kidnapper (but I think the kidnapper was her lover or husband, maybe?). So in this scene, they were fighting, like arguing. Next thing I remember is even though the kidnapper was a kidnapper, he sympathize to the woman. He went out and buy a meal for this woman, but unfortunately a car hits him on his way back, then he die and the food like spilled all over the place to create dramatic effect. At the same time, somehow the woman manage to escape. The end. (Honestly, I’m not sure whether the movie was really ended or I just switch the channel. My memory get distorted.) But I’ve been desperately find the title of this movie. Judging from my memory, I think it’s a 80’s or 90’s movie style. Help me..

idontknowthis Asked question Apr 6, 2022