A late nineties early 2000’s Japanese Superhero/Horror film based on Manga/Anime

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Quite vague this, only one scene I can remember clearly.
A guy is trapped in some sort of costume or robot suit and has blades for his limbs, or he may have the blades attached to his limbs. He is possibly forced to kill some Yakuza thugs in an apartment. He runs into the room and you can hear extreme violence ensue inside. The camera stays outside and slowly closes in on the door frame. Suddenly, one of the Yakuza’s faces flies out of the room and sticks to the door frame and slowly slides down to the floor. Quite memorable.
That’s about it, I was sure it was a Takeshi Miike film but there is nothing on his IMDB that corresponds. It feel very much like one of his film, the violence is extreme in this movie.
One more thing is that I think the protaganist has a large number 1 on his chest, like a superhero and the title is “Something” No 1, possibly the characters name followed by No 1.
I was also certain it was a well regarded or infamous Manga/Anime series but I can find no info on this either.
I am starting to think I made the whole thing up, I don’t know what this says about me…

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Ichi the Killer (2001)


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Yep, that’s it. It’s funny, I looked at that on Imdb and just didn’t think that was the one. At least I was right about Takashi Miike!