A movie about a curse queen buried alive?


I am beginning to think I dreamed this movie as opposed to having actually watched it.

I can really only remember the end. Here is what I can remember…

There is a ancient queen (?) who kills everything she touches. Archaeologists (?) who are looking for her. They believe she was buried alive by her people to keep them safe and as a punishment, but she actually chose to be buried so that she would protect her people and stop them dying. There is a scene where the archaeologists (?) are walking down a corridor and these little pygmy things pop out of carved holes in the wall. They do wake her I believe and she looks really mummified but she is safely killed or put back to sleep or something. One of the archaeologists dies but one or two do escape.

I am afraid that is all I can remember. I think it is no older than the last decade or two.

This has been annoying me so much, I really hope someone can help.

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The plot details are a little different but that is similar to the ending of the newest Tomb Raider movie.


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