A movie in some latin american country about drugs, rape. Released before 2007


I watched this back in 2007 so it definitely came out before 2007. I dont think it was in english.
It was set in some latin american country probably either in Mexico or Colombia, im not sure. Theres a bunch of characters with different storylines set in the same city.

I think it started with these 2 girls who were travelling on a car. They either came from the US or some other state/ city i dnt remember. They were not very familiar with the place. They stopped at this dinner thingy. Ate food and flirted with some of the locals there and some of the guys (or was it just one guy idk) drugged their drinks. After they got drugged they (he?) Took them to an isolated place and started raping one of the girls. The other friend woke up in the middle of the rape and hit the guy and they ran away while still being high.

Then theres also another storyline of another girl. She bumped into a childhood friend i think and the guy was tryna get with her.
And she went to visit him i think. It was in this very run down place. And when she opened the door, she realised that he was living with 2 naked girls, one was a blonde, the other had black hair i think. There were drugs everywhere. And the guy is seen being very violent with them. They were not allowed to leave the place. He is seen punching the blonde violently. After she saw all this, the girl ran away and the guy ran after her and i think he hit her and knocked her out or smthng i 4got. He either locked her up or trafficked her im not sure.

I think the movie also deals with human trafficking.
This is all i can remember. Can anyone help?
There was a lot of nudity, drugs and sex.
Everyone seemed to be courrupted in the movie.