A movie is played in theaters that makes people crazy.

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It’s not recent, maybe it was made before 2000.
The protagonist is a young boy (a teenager?).
He has an uncle called Leon or Lionel or something similar.
His uncle spoils him and the boy’s mother thinks that he’s a bad influence on her son, so she’s trying to stop him from spending time with Leon.
The boy’s mom is missing a big chunk of her buttocks from an old accident when her brother sicked wolves or dogs on her.
As for the movie in the theaters, all the boy’s friends go to see it except the boy and they all go crazy.
The cashier at the movie theater tells the boy how could he make them normal again, but I don’t know what it was.

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what country was this from? was it a horror or a kids movie?

It’s probably from the US and I don’t think it was a horror but it wasn’t a kids movie either.

the hardest part of this is the movie makes them crazy, and that is already a search word for any film. i am having trouble thinking of the exact way someone would have written “movie makes people crazy” in a review to search it. i haven’t found the exact combo of words yet, any suggestions? for some reason i feel like this was a tv episode of one of those serial shows like friday 13th, goosebumps, etc. You said you don’t think it is kid based though….maybe a mystery or adventure genre? sci fi?

“i haven’t found the exact combo of words yet, any suggestions?”

If I knew the right combo I would search for it myself. 🙂
There are many ways to put it, it could be a curse, being possessed, being hypnotized, mind controlled, I still give it a try now and then.

I said that it’s not a kid movie because in the original question it’s labeled as a 16+ movie but it’s not a horror. So probably an adventure movie or a mystery, thriller…

ok, i want to try at this one again. if the film is key to the plot, as we think it is, plot searches should have (film,movie,flick,theater,theatre) as a specific word in there. I know you like the keyword searches, which may be more helpful than my way. I don’t think we can restrict too much in way of type of medium, or even categories. There are tons and tons to sift through…..

Could we get a better estimate of when they saw it? Any vague memories of a cover or even tv channel?


This sounds an episode from American Horror Stories (spin off of AHS)

Here is a trailer for the Episode
I think it’s season 1 episode 3

The costuming and time period of the episode might make someone feel that it wasn’t new! Just a thought!

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Thank you for this suggestion but American Horror Story is too new, it being from 2021.
The one they are looking for is at least several years old.


Masters of horror John carpenters cigarette burns?

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No, thank you.