A poor boy has visions of a wealthy couple.

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The boy lives in a rural village. In his visions he sees mountains with snow covered peaks and a city, where the rich couple lives. The wife dies and the husband falls into a state of depression.

The boy keeps mentioning a name, maybe the name of the city.

The visions disturb the boy to the point that a local priest performs an exorcism on him. It doesn’t help.

The priest is intrigued by the boy’s condition and eventually decides to take the boy on a journey in an attempt to find the city in his visions.

The boy often draws the shape of the mountains on the ground with a stick.

They find the city and locate the grieving husband too, who is suspicious of them first.

The boy tells him things only he and his wife would know. E.g. that he bought her red panties once.

They go to the store where the husband bought the panties. It’s in a narrow alley and it has been turned into a different kind of store since. They even find a safe behind the wallpaper for some reason.

At the end, the boy gives a message to the husband from the dead wife, which is that he should continue living his life without her.

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It was:
Manika, une vie une plus tard (1989).

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