A wife tries to kill her husband, who is a writer to inherit his fortune.

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County of origin: Most likely the US.
Release date: 1980-2020.

They go on a holiday to a wooden house in a forest.
The wife is secretly aided by her lover, who is fresh out of prison.
Near the end, the wife and the husband are wrestling with each other on the porch of the house and the man asks something along the lines of:
“Why are you trying to kill me? I’ve given you a lot of money!”
And the wife replies:
“Yes, but I want it all!”

I don’t know what happens after that but she doesn’t succeed.
The last scene shows the writer in a restaurant, sitting at a table with a new romantic interest, probably his manager.

It’s not:
The Edge (1997).
Secret Window (2004).
The Perfect Marriage (2006).

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