a ww3 film from the 80s

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I saw this film in the 80s I don’t remember the name but here is a little maybe you have seen it and know its name a family after ww3 in a bus running from big cockroaches a beach with a dead lady in a bathing suit with a radio that’s dead this family is looking for food and water and they rebuild the bus into a tank. it was good I thought any one know the name of this film?

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“Damnation Alley” (1977)

From IMDb:

“In a post-apocalyptic world, a group of survivors travel and find other settlements in huge custom designed all terrain vehicles.”

You can watch the complete movie here:

The movie starts with World War III. It is not a family, but a group of survivors, they travel in a heavily modified vehicle which resembles an armored personnel carrier. Post-apocalyptic scenario after World War III, giant mutated scorpions roam the desert. Also, later the survivors find bugs in a deserted town. You can see the mutated scorpions ca. at 0:16:03 and the bugs ca. at 0:50:14 in the video above.

Mutant scorpions in the desert:

Bugs in deserted town:

Heavily modified vehicle that resembles an armored personnel carrier:

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