About Mosquitos


The movie was I think a long time ago when I watched. I can remember that a couple kissed on the beach on sunset and the girl passed the mosquito in her body to the guy infecting him to be a living dead. Then they come to a house with lots of members of the family. Then they take on each of them one by one infecting each and every member who goes outside of their home. I can remember that one of the girl kid who went outside their home was burned by one of the normal family and the girl didnt die because she was already infected. And I can remember a scene where I think it was the father who tried to fight off “those” mosquito-controlled living dead but got his legs broken because of the car when he was trying to escape and so they all got infected and the last 2 survivors in the family was a guy and a girl and they burned the house down to make the zombies outside of their home think that they killed themselves. Then I cant remember where the guy went but he went out of the picture and the girl seeked refuge to a church and a priest approached her not knowing that the priest was already infected as well, passing the mosquitos on the girls mouth.

VHS_Lives Answered question Mar 9, 2021