Action movie. Ends with a suicide inside a car. Can’t remember the name.

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One of the characters is a hitman, and I think he is the protagonist. In the end, he is inside a car with a hostage, and I think he was his target. It’s night, and the police arrives. The hitman, knowing he is gonna be arrested, gets his head close to the hostage and puts the gun close to it, in a way shooting could kill both of them. The camera gets close to the barrel of the gun, and it shoots in slow motion. We see them both falling and blood is spilled at the glass. An asian guy, who seems to be one of the main characters, is with the police and the camera gets close on his face. He is shocked, like if he had lost a friend. In the next scene, it’s day, the asian guy is standing in the front of a river, and the camera goes around him, and that’s where the movie ends.

I was watching it on the TV, and I guess some scenes from the movie were cut so the movie could be shorter. So, maybe this is not the whole scene. I remember the movie having that really dark and violent action vibe just like John Wick movies.

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Most of your description fits Bangkok Dangerous (2008)

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