African – American show or movie

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I can’t remember if it’s a series or a movie.

A girl goes with her mother who is a midwife to another village in Africa, where she is captured By slavers. She comes to america and has a child with one of the boys who helped capture her. She finally gets free and makes her way to New York where she lives in a village of freed slaves and she eventually works recording the names of all the people who want to return to Africa. She is separated from her husband and she ends up in Canada. She eventually makes it to Africa and her husband is killed saving some other people while she is looking for her village. She then goes to Britain to testify about the horrors father slave trade and slavery, where she sees her former owner and he reunites her with her daughter. She becomes an author. Also, I remember the preacher who returned to Africa with her was killed on a beach.

Please help.

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Yes!!! Thank You so much.