I would really appreciate if someone could tell me the name of this movie that has been stuck in my head for a long time (watched it long ago)
All I remember is the ending scene that goes as follow: The actor fights his way to reach the room looking like a surgery room where a very powerful old man is lying unconscious about to get new organ that he needs to survive his illness, he did bad things to get that organ. Inside the room he stands near the unconscious old man and stares at him for a moment. Finally he sits very exhausted from the fight against the guards of the old man, leans against the medical machine where the cables that kept the old man alive were plugged then hold the two cables that were just above his head and behind him and unplugged them without looking at them (a depressed look on his face).
It’s an action/gun/fight movie in which a rich old man uses his men to cause “harm” to get good “organ”. Then the actor who is connected in some way to the old man (maybe his father) gets revenge from him because I don’t remember this part but I think that the old man may have caused the death of someone very close to the actor to get the organ.

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