Aliens try to take over the world


So this film starts by a UFO landing somewhere. People investigate it but the aliens take over their bodies and now using the humans as host bodies they attract other people telling them to go inside the ship/pod(?) one by one. As people go inside they are taken over by aliens. A group goes to investigate it but by the time they get inside all of the aliens who were inside are gone disguised as humans. Later they capture humans and take their bodies. Can’t remember much of the film but the aliens use the humans as hosts and they are attached to their back’s. One of the main characters gets ‘infected’ and when they try to remove it it threatens them that it will kill the host too. Eventually they manage to get rid of it. Also one of the characters looked like Donald Sutherland i think, but maybe I’m mixing him with someone. Also already checked and it’s not Invasion of the body snatchers…

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Oh my God I’ve been looking for it for almost 2 years! Thanks a lot man! 😀