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Does anyone remember the title of an 80s film (at least I think it was from the 80s) that had a scene with kids/teens on a foreign military plane? In the scene, the kids were returning from a hostile country in a large bomber like plane. Once in American air-space of coarse, they were approached and flanked by fighter jets. With no other way to communicate, the group convinces the fighter pilots that they are friendly by having one of the kids stick out of a hatch on the top of the plane. the kid then shows the fighter pilots the American flag on his t-shirt.

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“The Rescue” (1988)

Quote from the above Wikipedia page:
“The South Korean base scrambles fighter jets to intercept, fearing the plane is an intruder from the North. Bobby sticks out of the top hatch of the plane and flashes his Bruce Springsteen T-shirt, identifying the passengers as American to the fighter jets.

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