American girl living with Australian foster family movie


Hey Everyone,

Just the other day I had a memory pop in my head from a movie I watched in childhood. The story revolves around an American teenage girl living with an Australian foster family in the rural outback. The American girl’s mother died and she misses her terribly while not liking living in Australia with the family. She takes care of and befriends a little girl in the family while butting heads with the farm-hardened mother.

I remember one scene where the little girl is on fire for some reason and running through the field and the American girl grabs her and holds her steady while the mother dumps water on her. The little girl is carted off by her mother for treatment but the American is left crying with burns on her hands. The foster father is really good to her and tries to make her feel at home. I thought by my memory that it was Paul Hogan that played the foster father but I guess my memories are wrong because I can’t find anything in his career in which he played such a role. Another few scenes involve a stray dog that the American girl took in but in secret because the foster mother forbids it and her helping take care of it. The dog dies at the end and the American decides to leave the family and travel back to America but the foster family surprises her with a new puppy and asks her to stay with them which in happiness she agrees.

Thanks guys for any help you can give me on this movie and its identity. Once I get one of these old movie or show memories surfaced in my head I won’t stop looking for it until I have uncovered its identity.

Edit: I forgot to add that the movie was probably shot in the 80’s or early to mid 90’s.

VHS_Lives Answered question Mar 22, 2021