A person is running through an empty house from someone or something that keeps following them and escapes something chasing them through a portal which happens to lead to the painting that is actually hanging in living room. has some amish type like people in the painting on the other side of some sort of energy barrier and one of them takes out some sort of pocket watch, looks like some type of combination of pocket watch and a holographic orrey, very similar to that what can be seen in a transformers beast wars episode Coming of the Fuzors (the old west show down episode). the person seems to be caught in between the thing that is chasing her which follows them through the portal and the amish people which one sort of gets the impression that they are about as good as the first thing that is chasing the person and it just sorta ends there… I saw this on tv around 2000-2005 time frame and i thought it was one of that generation’s new Twilight Zone episodes hosted by Forest Whitaker but have not seen anything in any of the episode guides that really match up and at this point am unsure if it was a movie on tv, a made for tv movie, or an episode to a show. thank you for your time!

Answered question

Are you sure about the painting? They end up inside it, right?