An Interview with a White Journalist who turns out to be a Ghost and also he is black guy.


The movie is bout many supernatural sci-fi things and quite all over the place. The main character can see ghosts. At the start, the main character got a phone call from he assumes a white male.

He meets up with the Journalist at the cafe or diner and talks about something ( I can’t remember what it was). There’s a point where the Journalist asked the main character how did he end up being involved in the supernatural thing. The movie starts to flashback about the time the main character receives a phone call from an old phone without the wires. And he founded a portal to the dystopian future. That’s where the flashback ends.

The journalist however thinks it was bs and continued his story. Until the main character then realised that his story doesn’t make any sense since he is a white male. (because the Journalist got some racist remarks from other people and got detained unfairly in his story).

That’s when the main character realises that the Journalist is dead. The main character manifests the Journalist’s appearance as a white male due to his voice and when he realises that. He showed the Journalist a dead body of a black guy in his trunk. It was the Journalist. He died and the main character wanted to investigate that.

Deelusi Asked question May 23, 2021