An old 70s, or 80’s movie fro mmy childhood


Okay here goes. I attempted to get help on a reddit channel (I know, I know). Unfortunately I only got one or two responses, and neither one helped.

I don’t remember very much about the movie sine I only saw it in passing as a child (early 90s). My aunt was the one watching, I really didn’t want to as the little girl in it creeped me out, and she is the only real thing I remember from it.

– She wore a wig, and a mask. I believe she also wore a dress, with stockings, and dress shoes, but that part is vague at best.
– When it was revealed that she was burned, her father informed the ‘guests’ that it as punishment for being a bad girl.
– She never really spoke, but squealed when expressing her dissatisfaction.
– in the movie she appeared to be really sweet, but still gave the guests a weird vibe.
– she liked to sit on her dad’s lap at the head of the table

Considering the info I remember, I can only assume it was a horror of some type, but as I stated before I was just a kid. It could have just seemed like a horror to me at the time. I don’t remember the plot, a single other character, or actors/actresses that acted in it.

Stjepan Posted new comment Aug 24, 2021

Do you maybe remember the language it was in?