Animated movie featuring a machine on treaded tracks and animal protagonists.

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the movie I am hunting for (and I’ve been looking for a while now) is animated and features a treaded machine, and has animal protagonists and I said as much in the title.

I have watched this somewhere between 2000 and 2010, but it may have been made earlier.

Other details I’m not so sure about is that on the machine there were cages, and that there is a bad guy who is an animal trapper and the protagonists are attempting to rescue a friend. This is mostly conjecture though.

Ah, one other detail, the setting of this movie may have been a desert. And the animal protagonists desert animals.

VHS_Lives Answered question Mar 30, 2022

I remember the tracks on the machine were something similar to these


Unfortunately it’s not any of these. I recall distinctly there was a scene where these animals were running on the treaded tracks while the machine was moving.

do you know if it was the 2d style of animation or the model/cgi style?

Yes, I do recall it looking more like a cgi/model/3d animation. But I may be misremembering that.