Anyone know what is this movie?

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i watched in on tv like a decade ago..
it has a beautiful white-haired (alien/other planetary human-like-beings or someone who came from the stars?) named Yvonne and have a romance with the earthling man who helped her..
ah, it was also adopted from a novel book.
this is all that i remember, i’ve forgotten all the plots…
i’ve been searching for this movie for a long time…
thank’s :))

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i think the name of the film is “Species”

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thank you for answering, but that’s not the movie that i was looking for…
the Yvonne that i’m looking for was the main character’s name, not the story writer…
i’ve tried to search for this movie some years ago with “white haired yvonne alien” as the keywords and found it. i bookmarked the page on my laptop, but the laptop is now “lost” when my house got robbed 2 years ago.
now i tried to search with the same keyword and it’s just like the movie and the novel somehow got wiped (?) from the internet….


Hyper Sapien: People from Another Star (1986)

if not how long ago was the movie released or do you know the name of any of the cast members