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The movie is about a woman who marries a preacher and she narrates her travel and experience as married to a preacher. Parts of the movie had her pregnant and she lost the baby and she withdrew from live. She noticed woman were paying attention to her preacher husband and she started to get jealous and snapped out of her mourning of losing her baby. Another scene was the preacher man was having a church social and invited everyone, especially one family in general. They were dirt poor and did not go to church but the young children begged their ma & pa to let them go. The next scene following was the poor young children playing near water and one child fell in and drowned. The preacher took the dead boy back to the poor family. The last scene was the woman narratrating about it was time to move on and go to another church. She said she had to leave her unborn child buried next to the church. This is all I can remember and I watched it with my mother and it was her favorite movie. I thought the title of the movie was, “Up The Hill” or “Down The Hill” something of that nature. It was a black and white movie and I wish to watch this movie again

RottweilerGirl Posted new comment Jan 29, 2022

Could this be ruled out?
Sheepdog of the Hills (1941).

The name of the movie I’m looking for is, “I’ll Climb The Highest Mountain” starring William Lundigan & Susan Hayward. It was released in 1951. Oh how I love this movie.