Hey everyone, just joined because I’ve been trying to find out what this film was for yeeeears with no luck, so thought I’d give this a shot. I saw the film quite a long time ago so I only really remember snippets, so, sorry if my description’s a bit poop, lol.

So all I really remember, is that all the men are banished, the men that still exist all live in live camps or something together away from the rest of civilisation. So it’s just women, and I think they have test tube babies or something cos they’re never pregnant. But then there’s a man, I cant remember where he comes from, I feel like maybe he wakes up in a hospital or something but I’m not sure. This one woman helps him and they fall in love. But because men aren’t allowed, he gets taken away. But at the end of the film the woman finds out she’s pregnant, I think with a baby boy.

Any ideas? :/ Thanks in advance

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