Bomb planter likes riddles

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We are looking for a movie (in german tv ~2000-2008) where the plot goes as follows:
They get a phone call, saying there is a bomb in a building. They go and try to defuse it,
one recognizes that its a trap and manages to escape, his partner dies.
Afterwards, he wants revenge and the search begins. The bomber is an old man and has similarities with
Anthony Hopkins, white hair, has a missing finger, but not sure which one.
He makes phone calls to the fbi/police/swat (not sure) and talks in riddles
where the bomb is planted. If they don’t find it, the bomb blows up.
So its a bomb planting spree…

My girlfriend also thinks that Jeff Daniels died in the beginning of the movie..

We searched pretty much the whole web, looked at “bestsimiliar”, googled the plots, …
Its not speed, its not blown away, its not Die Hard…
Can anyone help? 😀

casimirbaltasar Posted new comment Apr 7, 2021

Maybe you are mixing up several movies? In “Speed” the bombmaker has a missing finger, he is an old guy and Jeff Daniels dies in the movie. In “Die Hard With A Vengeance” the bomber speaks in riddles.

Thats possible 😀 But we’re not giving up that easy.


Just a guess, maybe
“The Final Cut” (1995)?

casimirbaltasar Posted new comment Apr 7, 2021

Good guess, but unfortunately its not the movie we are looking for.
Any other guesses?