British TV film; remote countryside; she ends up ‘disappearing’; man ‘forgets she was there’

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British film (made for TV); maybe 15 years ago;

Set in a remote countryside house; possibly a love story;

I think they were the only 2 actors in the film.

She ends up ‘not being there’ anymore, almost like she was a figman
t of his imagination;

It ends ends with the man looking for her, but is ‘forgetting about her’ as the final minutes of the film come to an end.

A bit like memory loss and the events never happended.

Sorry … a rubbish description.

Abba Answered question Jul 14, 2022

Hi. I can’t remember the title either. However, I think the man is a writer/an author who goes to his countryside home, to air it out, be inspired to finish a novel and spend time with his lovely wife. We know he’s alone when his agent drives up and he tells her the he and his wife have been busy, having a lovely time, so haven’t bothered to answer the phone. He surprises the agent by announcing that the novel is finished. The agent’s verbal response and facial expression is oh, so telling — the wife has been dead for awhile. I’m sure the actor is well-known, but who could it be?



I don’t think it’s this as several of the details are different but just in case…

The Secret Window

Abba Answered question Jul 14, 2022