Do anyone know this movie?

A doctor works in a hospital. He operates on women. He kills those he likes. The heroine visits him because she needs surgery. Before the operation, she stops overnight before. Right then it rains and flashes and she goes to the window and sees how the doctor puts a woman in the car.

Suddenly it flashes. The doctor sees her in the window as she looks at him. The police don’t believe her because of the medication that she got. The doctor has a library at home with hidden space behind it.

In the end, the doctor chases her down into the boiler room. Then the police hero comes to the rescue. The doctor has snagged black hair with black eyes.

On the VHS tape I wrote “Murder”. I don’t know the movie name or any of the actors. I had to throw it because it became damaged over the years.

Answered question

This is a thriller and not horror? maybe 60s-90s?