Can you name this 2000s Coming-of-Age/Teen movie?


I’m looking for a movie I watched on tv (either through HBO Canada or Super Channel’s on-demand movie service). The film is likely from 2000-2010, no later than that. It is either a Canadian or American film.

The plot had a teen girl who was sent away to live maybe with family or her family moved. From what I remember the town was near the seaside and maybe near a cliffside too, and the main girl played the violin or the fiddle. One thing I remember from the plot description is she “befriends” an adult woman, likely 50s-60s, maybe who was a town outcast or notorious. I believe the lady helps the girl in some way, maybe to help overcome some of her trauma, and be able to play her instrument again. The girl lost her boyfriend to suicide or a tragic accident, could have witnessed it. The events take a toll on her.

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