Hi. I have searching a movie that has this scene:

In the night, a girl was kidnapped by a group or just a man in a car, I think a van, and taken to a place in the forest by force. The kidnappers carried her to a post and ties her hands to the tip of this. Next, somebody ripped her clothe; He talks to her for a minutes and shes is left alone.
Later, in a snowy morning, she is still tied, without escape. Then, somebody behind her takes a night and she thinks that heĀ“ll hurts her, but the man cut the ropes, releasing her; next, he takes her to a pickup truck and drives to his place.
The last thing that i remember is the girl lying down and talking with the man.

Notes: *The girl has Brown or black hair,I think she uses brown clothes.
*The man that released her is bald, as I remember.
*The year of the movie is below 2007
*When her clothes are ripped, the scene shows a black panties.

Thanks in advance.

Edited question